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Below are resources and stories related to transitioning


   Dwayne Parker Learning to Adapt | WHRO

[iframe  src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen] While serving his country in Saudi  Arabia, Airman Dwayne Parker lost vision in his right eye.…(more)

smart bike

   Leave No Veteran Behind Smart Bikes | WUSF

Bringing together veterans’ service organizations to share ideas and create networks was one of the goals of The Patterson Foundation’s…(more)

Brian Posten

   KLRN | Coming Home San Antonio | Brian Posten

Brian and Kim Posten have been through a lot. For Brian, an accident in Iraq left him with a traumatic…(more)

Army Captain Drew Pham and his wife, Molly Pearl

   StoryCorps – Army Captain Drew Pham

Army Captain Drew Pham was 24 years old when he completed a tour of duty in Afghanistan in October 2011.…(more)

Mark and Luke Radlinski

   StoryCorps – Navy Lieutenant Mark Radlinski

Navy Lieutenant Mark Radlinski speaks with his brother, Lieutenant Luke Radlinski, about Mark’s deployment to Iraq and his homecoming.

Nathan talks with Afghani man

   Hell and Back Again

What does it mean to lead men in war? What does it mean to come home — injured physically and…(more)

black and white photo of two people holding hands

   Make the Connection – Family & Relationships

See veterans and their families sharing stories about how they helped and supported each other and find resources related to…(more)